ARICOMA Group Acquires AdTech and MarTech Development Company Clearcode Group Acquires AdTech and MarTech Development Company Clearcode<p> <strong style="color:#6773b6;">ARICOMA Group continues to deliver on its expansion strategy as it acquires the Polish software development company Clearcode. The company specialises in custom AdTech and MarTech platform development and has worked with many top-tier AdTech companies, agencies, publishers and global media companies. ARICOMA Group, an emerging pan-European IT services player backed by KKCG, will acquire Clearcode to enter the booming market of advertising and marketing technology.</strong> </p><p>“Acquiring Clearcode represents a major step for the ARICOMA Group, and it fits perfectly with our plans to expand to new, dynamic markets across Europe. Poland represents one of the largest markets in the Central Eastern European region and Clearcode has a wonderful position here,” says Ludovic Gaudé, Head of Custom Software Development operations at ARICOMA Digital, part of ARICOMA Group. </p><p>“We are thrilled to be joining the ARICOMA Group. This acquisition will turbocharge our growth plans over the next few years. Being part of ARICOMA Group will mean more business opportunities for Clearcode and quicker expansion into new markets and industries,” says Piotr Banaszczyk, CEO at Clearcode. </p><p>“The decision to be acquired by ARICOMA Group was an obvious one for us. The many synergies between Clearcode and ARICOMA Group were one of the main areas that attracted us,” adds Piotr Banaszczyk. </p><p>“Being a software development company that specializes in AdTech and MarTech, we’re one of only a few companies that has the experience and knowledge required to design and build the complex tech that powers programmatic advertising and digital marketing. With this acquisition, we’re confident that we’ll quickly become the number one AdTech and MarTech development company in Europe and the US,” explains Tomasz Chmielewski, COO at Clearcode. </p><p>“The new connections we’ll form as part of ARICOMA Group will allow us to offer more services to our clients, especially around data processing, data science and machine learning, which are increasingly playing a bigger role in programmatic advertising and digital marketing,” Tomasz Chmielewski adds. </p><p>The agreement between Clearcode and ARICOMA Group has been finalised, with a 100 % share in Clearcode now belonging to ARICOMA Group. Representatives of Warsaw Equity Group (who had a 22% stake in Clearcode), also contributed to the negotiations, alongside representatives of the ARICOMA Group. The sale price hasn’t been revealed. </p><p>With Clearcode’s 100 professionals, ARICOMA Group will consist of 10 companies, with a consolidated turnover exceeding EUR 340 million and over 3,000 employees. </p><p> </p><p> <img src="/cz/PublishingImages/news/loga/Clearcode.png" data-themekey="#" alt="Clearcode" style="margin:5px;" /> <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Clearcode</a> is a leading software development company that specializes in advertising technology (AdTech) and marketing technology (MarTech). Since 2009, tech companies, publishers, agencies and brands have been partnering with Clearcode to design and build real-time bidding (RTB), programmatic, data, and analytics platforms for the digital advertising and marketing industries. <br></p><p>Clearcode offers its clients years of AdTech and MarTech development experience and domain knowledge of the inner workings of the programmatic advertising and digital marketing industries.</p><p>With offices in Wroclaw and Katowice, Poland, Clearcode has over 100 employees across management, finance, HR, development, marketing, and design.</p><p> </p><p> <img src="/cz/PublishingImages/news/loga/aricoma-group-purple-50px.jpg" data-themekey="#" alt="Aricoma Group" style="margin:5px;" /> <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Skupina ARICOMA</a> is a leading Central European IT Services provider with a significant Scandinavian presence, over EUR 340 million of revenue and 3,000 specialists providing services to over 200 clients in 20+ markets from its 15+ Europe-based delivery centers. ARICOMA’s focus is to help both private- and public-sector clients navigate the ever-changing demands, risks, and business opportunities.</p><p>Through its portfolio companies, it provides end-to-end digital transformation solutions, including UX design and consulting, custom software development, IT infrastructure and IT operations management, cloud operations, and cloud security services.</p><p>The company is owned by <a href="" target="_blank">KKCG Group</a>, a private investment company with €7bn AUM.<br></p>
CDC Team Receives Recognized International Accreditation Team Receives Recognized International Accreditation<p> <strong style="color:#6773b6;">​​​​​The monitoring team at our Cyber Defense Center (CDC) has been accredited by the Trusted Introducer Service. After detailed verification, the experts of the renowned certification authority formally confirmed the high quality of the CDC’s day-to-day operating activities and their compliance with the recognized international standard.</strong> </p><p>The center received accreditation in mid-November this year, exactly three months after submitting its application. Until then, the team was listed on the certification agency’s TI list of operational teams without assessment and confirmation of the quality of their work. Having gained accreditation, CDC colleagues now face the challenge of becoming the agency’s certified partner.</p><p><em>"In terms of the processes we carry out every day, accreditation has not changed anything for us, because our work has always been of the required quality,"</em> said Lubomír Almer, Head of the Cyber Defense Center, and adds: <em>“This was simply formal confirmation that the work of our center is of a demonstrably high order and complies with international standards."</em></p><p style="text-align:center;"> <img class="maxWidthImage" src="/cz/PublishingImages/news/2021/lubomir-almer-cdc-aec.jpg" data-themekey="#" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:658px;" /> <br> <br> </p><p>Accreditation confirms, among other things, that the activities of the audited entity comply with well-defined formalized processes and that its services are provided to a clearly defined standard, including transparent and verified procedures. In addition to the ability to promptly and correctly respond to unforeseen incidents and events, the agency also assessed other aspects such as corporate culture, approach to selected issues and the center's vision.</p><p>The Trusted Introducer Service agency recognizes three categories of teams: listed, accredited and certified. Certification would mean access to a number of new benefits for the CDC, including the fact that teams at the highest level are willing to share valuable knowledge. This represents a literal treasure trove of new information and is an important motivating factor for the further development and improvement of every company's current practices.</p><p><em>"Efforts to obtain formal recognition of our work are not only in line with the CDC’s mission, but also that of AEC. In this way, we try to help our people grow professionally, gain insight, contacts and, of course, professional certificates,”</em> says Igor Čech, AEC Marketing Manager, and concludes: <em>"We believe that we do our job well, but we also realize that it is our openness to new challenges and ideas and our willingness to confront established practices with the competition, that continues to move us forward."</em><br></p><p style="text-align:center;"> <em> <img class="maxWidthImage" src="/cz/PublishingImages/news/2021/cdc-trusted-introducer-service.jpg" data-themekey="#" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:658px;" /> <br></em></p>
Security Awareness Awareness<p>​The number and severity of social engineering attacks is increasing dramatically. Hackers unerringly target the weakest component of corporate protection, i.e. the human factor, using increasingly sophisticated methods and technologies. <br></p><p>Random attempts at distributing fraudulent letters are a thing of the past. Today, businesses and institutions face sophisticated phishing, completely believable fake phone calls and, more and more often, attacks using artificial intelligence. </p><p>The goal of all these activities is to misuse employee accounts and gain access to the company’s system so that the attackers can then blackmail the company or use it as a springboard to attack its partners. </p><p>A company may have the most sophisticated technological protection there is, but it is useless when an attacker decides to focus on deceiving poorly trained employees instead of breaking complex codes. </p><p>The defensive wall of any company is only as strong as its weakest link. And that link has always been and will always be people with their typically human imperfections and weaknesses. Findings show that there is no more effective protection of the corporate environment than informed employees who can react correctly and in a timely manner. </p><p>The best way to protect the company from cyber criminals is to train its people. To turn weakness into a strength. See how we can help you at <a href="">​</a>. </p>​<br>