Document classification

​​​​​​Document classification

This is a tool which will solve the right classification of your documents for you. It is easy to implement and it increases the effectiveness of DPL systems.


The directive itself doesn't solve your problem. DocTag reliably ensures the classification of all the documents

In one of the biggest breweries, the confidential documents were not labelled, even though there was an internal instruction for handling information among the employees. Based on our longterm experience, we know that the effectiveness of training is generally short-term. That's why we proposed the DocTag application, which we incorporated into the office packet MS Office being used in the company.

The DocTag application made the employees classify all the documents according to confidentiality of the contained information. The labeling was visible in the heading of each document. We proposed securing by encryption for the documents of the highest sensitivity.

Since the brewery already had a defined classification system, the DocTag implementation only took several days. The employees' training was indeed the most time-consuming. Due to the application, there are no more documents being created without labeling the class of security. DocTag monitors the changes of the document classification and automatically classifies emails according to their attachments.



How does the document tagging work?

The classification and securing documents system is an accessory for the Microsoft Office application, Windows Explorer, and Adobe PDF. With the help of very few clicks, it labels the document with a permanent mark carrying an information about the document's class of confidentiality. This accessory can even be installed remotely.

For easier guidance with handling the documents, a classification of information was implemented according to its degree of confidentiality. Classification degrees define the distribution processes, schreddings, savings, securings etc. The documents can be classified as e.g. public, for internal use only, confidential, and trade secret. The number of degrees and their labeling can be fully configured.

The solution ensures a check over who, when, and which document was classified. It gradually leads to the increase of employees' responsibility when handling documents with a higher degree of confidentiality.

Why should I be interested in the DocTag?

Because I want:

  • To secure my documents, but I don't know how.
  • To implement the security standards for working with documents.
  • To teach my employees to be responsible for documents that they work with.
  • To increase the awareness of my employees about working with documents that contain sensitive data.
  • To be sure that confidential and sensitive documents will only be available for the right people.
  • To increase and support the effectiveness of the DLP system.


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