A pentad of our colleagues succeeded in the international CtF competition organized by partners from Tenable
A pentad of our colleagues succeeded in the international CtF competition organized by partners from Tenable

The team of our colleagues, consisting of David Pecl, Lukáš Bendík, Erik Šabík, Vojtěch Šindler and Tomáš Hliboký, did well in the worldwide Capture the Flag competition. This year was the first time it was organized by one of our leading partners, the American company Tenable.

The international Capture the Flag competition had a total of 1,762 participants and it was all under the direction of Tenable, a provider of top solutions for vulnerability monitoring. With such strong competition, the AEC representatives did amazingly well and finished in 21st place.

Any one from all over the world could take part in the tournament, which was held from 18 to 22 February 2021. Participants could form teams of up to five people and solved their tasks either individually or together. AEC’s colours were defended by five representatives taken from the divisions for Technology, Penetration Tests and the Cyber Defence Centre.

The five-day competition itself consisted of ongoing task solving in traditional categories, such as web applications, reverse engineering, cryptology, coding, working with information (OSINT), forensic analysis, regular expressions and a whole host of others.

“We did best in cryptography, web applications and coding. Mainly because it is the bread and butter for pentesters,” said Erik Šabík, adding, “But we certainly didn’t fall behind in other tasks either, the problem was more to do with time. We solved it by agreeing that whoever had the time would open the page with the tasks and try and solve what they could. Sometimes we called each other, and we also brainstormed...”

Here it’s necessary to point out that, unlike many other teams, our busy colleagues could only get down to the competition tasks after they’d finished their professional duties, so they had significantly less time to solve them than the others.

However, this makes their success all the more valuable and our congratulations all the greater. Thanks to their position, they have now joined the elite ranks who can wow those around them with their exclusive T-shirts that the competition organizer reserved for the best of the best. 😊

CTF-related activities are nothing new to AEC. Apart from the fact that we often take part in such competitions, quite successfully it must be said, we regularly organize a similar event ourselves. One of the most popular things at our annual Security conference, the largest independent event of its kind in the Czech Republic, is the hacker competition.