AEC Is Now a 3 Star Check Point Partner
AEC Is Now a 3 Star Check Point Partner

AEC has deepened its long-term partnership with the Check Point company and has achieved the Certified Collaborative Support Provider status. In addition, AEC advanced to the 3-Star level partner within the Stars Program, which is the Check Point global partnership program.


We have successfully achieved the “3 STARS PARTNER” certification awarded by the Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. company. We have demonstrated our successfully finished projects, outstanding expert knowledge, sufficient substitutability, well-working support, as well as the required number of technical and business certifications.

Advancing to the 3-Star level clears the way to easier and more flexible cooperation with the Check Point company in the Czech Republic. This steps also brings shorter sales cycles and increased technical support capacity to our customers.

Our team sees this partnership as an evidence of a job well-done and also as a commitment to all our customers and also to the Check Point company. Our specialists are available during support, migration, management, monitoring, and implementation of their security solutions.


We have demonstrated high level of professionalism during realization of our projects and expert knowledge and sufficient personal resources when solving any occurring issues. The fact that we hold the “Check Point Collaborative Support Provider” status means that we can collaborate directly with the Check Point core support team, including the possibility to use their engineering teams at our customers’.