AEC obtained McAfee DLP Service Delivery Provider certification
AEC obtained McAfee DLP Service Delivery Provider certification

Our company has successfully achieved the “Service Delivery Provider – McAfee DLP” certification for the Czech and Slovak markets. Thus, instead of ordering mandatory foreign support (Professional Services) directly from the producer, AEC is now authorized to provide the services regarding McAfee DLP implementation and deployment locally.

This way, we can save our customers not only significant amount not of money, but also time. Our security specialists’ hourly rate is considerably lower when compared to the foreign McAfee technical experts. Moreover, there will be no additional costs related for example to travelling. And easier communication in Czech or Slovak language is an equally important benefit for our customers as well.

McAfee technologies have been part of our portfolio since the very foundation of our company. The first contract with AEC was signed as early as 1991, and that by John McAfee himself. In order to achieve the Service Delivery Provider status, we had to successfully pass the required number of technical certifications and to give evidence of formal requirements related to management of our projects.

With respect to change of the McAfee company business strategy, and the resulting reduction of its territorial representation, we are ready to continue with providing support of all security solutions for our corporate customers.

Jan Rulíšek AEC „We are very happy to achieve the Service Delivery Provider status with the McAfee company for the DLP product line. It is this way that AEC has proven its high technical expertise, professionalism, and its technical team experience. We are able to offer professional and experienced team of experts to our customers who strive to achieve maximum network security by using our services. At the same time, we are happy to support other McAfee partners implementing the DLP solution and we will offer them delivery of our Professional services for their projects,“ said Ing. Jan Rulíšek, AEC a.s. Sales Director.