Conference Security 2020 will be focused on real-life security incidents
Conference Security 2020 will be focused on real-life security incidents

Real-life security incidents and Cloud Security. These two main topics will be weaving through all presentations at the 28th international Security conference. The largest independent domestic event focused on cybersecurity will take place on Wednesday, March 11th and Thursday, March 12th, 2020 in Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague. The conference is organized by AEC, a leading cybersecurity provider.

Pozvánka konference SECURITY 2020

As is tradition, the conference will be taking place concurrently in the management and in the technical hall. Participants may freely move between these two, thus forming their own agenda suiting their interests. Presentations in both halls will be divided into separate blocks connected by a common subject, while each part will be dealing with the issue from a different perspective.

The Incident Anatomy block may be safely reckoned as the biggest crowd-puller of the conference. Exceptionally interesting guests will be presenting their experiences and insights here, such as Jaya Baloo, Avast Chief of Security and Jornt van der Wiel, who works as a security expert in the GReAT Global Research and Analysis Team and collaborates with Interpol.

The follow-up panel discussion on the Security incidents - Lessons learned topic will feature representatives from leading Czech and Slovak companies and organizations who will share their observations regarding security incident solving with the participants. They will introduce individual attack techniques, incident identification methods and their elimination, immediate and long-term measures to be taken and, of course, actual lessons learned.

The form and quality of presentations covering the two main topics chosen by participants from the previous years for this year, have been traditionally supervised by the Program Committee. The high professional standard and independence on the marketing and business content are two deciding factors for the inclusion of the presentation. The emphasis is put mainly on the practical applicability of the entries, the professional level of individual lectures, and maximum benefit for the participants.

Another topic, Cloud Security, will also permeate both through the individual presentations as well as the two halls. The main focus will be centred on the questions regarding potential risks associated with the transition of a particular organization's environment to cloud and explaining the risks arising in the cloud architecture. Each participant will have a unique opportunity to hear opinions on the data protection directly from the largest cloud solution providers, i.e. Google and Microsoft.

As a novelty, the conference is extended to a two-day format this year. First of all, this is due to the increasing number of participants, as well as having the opportunity to offer a more varied content in the programme. With the new format, it will be possible to split the technically focused and highly sought-after workshops and the main conference programme into two days, with workshops taking place on day one and the main conference programme on day two. The event starts on Wednesday at 1 p.m. and on Thursday at 9 a.m. and will continue until 5 p.m. with breaks.

Conference Security 2020
Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague 9
Workshop Day: Wednesday, March 11th
Conference Day: Thursday, March 12th
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