Security, the conference on cybersecurity, is changing its date
Security, the conference on cybersecurity, is changing its date
The conference Security 2020 will not take place as announced, i.e. from March 11th to 12th. Its organizers endeavour to prevent the risks associated with holding such a major international event at the time of acute spreading of the coronavirus infection. At present, AEC is intensively working on the negotiation of a substitute date, with September 2020 looking as the most probable. Agenda of the conference remains unchanged, all already purchased tickets remain valid and the new date will be specified well in advance.

The organizer's decision to postpone the date of this largest independent domestic cybersecurity event was preceded by careful consideration of all circumstances and by repeated consultations with the event participants, partners and the responsible officials from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

It is easy to understand that companies are trying to protect their people and in the current situation, they are not recommending their participation in major events, with an international outreach on top of that. In addition, in case of the Security conference, these measures apply not only to the participants themselves, but also to the speakers.

"31 Czech and international speakers were scheduled to present at the conference," said Igor Čech, AEC Marketing Manager, and added: "The number of people who had to ask us for cancellation of their participation was continually growing. In past few days, these included four of the speakers and many dozen attendees."

For more than a week, the people from AEC company in charge of the event had been working with emergency plans in case a need would arise to radically change the way the conference was organized. They nimbly provided the necessary technology and equipment for potential telecasting transmission and started interacting with all interested parties.

More than 600 attendees attend the Security conference every year, and it turned out that many of them see this event as an opportunity to engage in meetings, exchange of experience and networking. A telecasting solution would deprive the conference exactly of this important aspect.

Behind the decision of the AEC crisis team to change the date of the 28th conference notwithstanding all logistic and other complications are both the aim to minimize the current risks associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as their effort to maintain the unique character of one of the most interesting domestic get-togethers of IT professionals.

"Over the past few hours, I have been talking to many representatives from the participating companies. All of them regretted what is happening at the moment and at the same time, each of them appreciated our final decision to find a substitute date for the conference," said Igor Čech.

According to him, all agreed that both the speakers, as well as this year's main topics, i.e. Real-life security incidents and Cloud Security, are way too attractive for the conference Security 2020 to be done with by some halfway compromise solution.