Success at the Security 2018 conference was mainly registered by case studies and foreign speakers
Success at the Security 2018 conference was mainly registered by case studies and foreign speakers

​Thursday, 1 March, the 26th Security 2018 Conference, organized by the AEC IT security, was held in Prague. The conference brought together nearly 600 participants and 32 keynote speakers from across Europe. According to the final vote of the conference participants, in particular, it was the contributions in the technical part of the program and their specific practical focus that engaged attention this year. In the evaluation of individual performers, the visitors to the conference particularly appreciated the performances of foreign speakers, many of whom had attended a similar event in the Czech Republic for the first time.

The largest conference on cybersecurity in the Czech Republic, Security, organized by AEC, presented 32 main contributions from speakers from all over Europe this year. Among the individual performers were Tomáš Rosa of Reiffeisenbank, Tobias Schrödl, or Jan Tomíšek of Rowan Legal. Ivan Bartoš, Chairman of the Czech Pirate Party, and Miroslava Matoušová from the Office for Personal Data Protection also presented their contributions.


In the evaluation of thematic blocks, the technically oriented parts of the conference were of the greatest interest: “Evolution of security threats” and “Specific cases of attacks”. As for the speeches in these blocks, the conference participants most appreciated their professional depth and specific focus. As regards the management part of the program, in particular, the block “85 days to GDPR” received a positive response.

The nature of the contributions has always been checked by a special program committee that oversees their strict independence and professional standing. The exact 568 registered visitors arrived At the conference.

AEC Chief Executive Tomáš Strýček adds to the whole event: „We are glad that this year’s conference has also been a success for visitors. The fact that the participants have noticed an ever improving level, especially in the content part, is positive for us and therefore we are able to fulfil what we set out years ago. However, I feel that for a long time now our conference has not just been about speeches. It has become an important networking site where IT security professionals meet and exchange experience from their work.“