The conference SECURITY 2016 exceeded its limit of 500 participants.
The conference SECURITY 2016 exceeded its limit of 500 participants.

In its twenty-fourth year, the conference SECURITY attracted a record number of Czech and Slovak security specialists and managers to the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague. The event confirmed its leading position among Czech security conferences.

The excellent reputation of this event is not only limited to the Czech environment. It has also become a pivotal event for representatives of Slovak companies and organizations. Its reputation is spreading to other countries. The reality is that half of the program this year comprised foreign speakers from all over Europe. It was a unique opportunity for the participants to compare the current situation in our countries and abroad.

Although the company AEC is behind the conference, SECURITY is organized as a wholly independent event. Its program committee mainly consists of independent security consultants, who strictly ensure a professional level of specific lectures. Emphasis is especially placed on the maximum benefit for participants and the practical utility of contributions. Inputs are designed to bring different perspectives of the security problem. It strives to point out the differences between the perception of customers and suppliers. Lawyers and representatives of organizations' operating units also comment on these specific issues based on the expertise they have gained from their own experiences.

The conference has traditionally been held in two parallel halls with different programs in each hall. Participants were able to move freely between the halls and compose their own programs in order to fully meet their interests. Security Operation Center topics such as current threats, the principles of the security of social networks, and the security of data stored in the cloud environment were discussed in the "management" hall.

Sophisticated security solutions and advanced tools with examples of their use were introduced in the "technical" hall. The main objective was to provide an independent view on a wide range of aspects of current security attacks, their detection, and principles of effective defense. The program was accompanied by lectures on the fascinating topic of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The most interesting presentations were lecturer JUDr. Jan Kolouch's presentation on test attacks on users of social networks, AEC's own Martin Klubal's shocking revelation of data collection in the lecture "Social Networks Like Big Brother", and a detailed view of the problem of data leakage from the company Hacking Team by Doc. Dr. Ing. Petr Hanacek from the Faculty of Information Technology at VUT in Brno. Among the foreign speakers, Magnus Sköld from the company Check Point was the most well-received. The most interesting case study that was evaluated was the detailed analysis of a phishing attack on a bank by Marek Zeman of Tatra Banka.

The conference confirmed that it is an ideal forum for networking and sharing experience. Eight panel discussions were included in the program. The hacker competition has become increasingly popular. It is an accompanying event in which participants perform specific tasks for which they earn points. Under the leadership of AEC's penetration testers, participants perform attacks and try to break through various types of security.

The organizing company AEC has already begun preparations for the gala event, the 25th conference SECURITY. Other interesting topics for next year were divulged from a large number of responses from participants, completed questionnaires, and interviews. The organizers would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the speakers, participants, and everyone else who contributed to creating a special atmosphere at SECURITY 2016. They also promise to do everything for next year's conference where many security specialists will find inspiration for their hard work. More information about this event can be found at