We monitor our carbon footprint in AEC
We monitor our carbon footprint in AEC
​Within the Aricoma Group, which we are part of, we began to monitor our carbon footprint in 2019. For this purpose, we commissioned CI2 to perform licensed audits, which we have been undergoing repeatedly over the past two years.​ 

Compliance Manager Hana Vystavělová comments on this certification saying: “Environmental protection is one of our company’s core values. Responsible behaviour towards our planet is reflected in the company’s daily operations. We therefore welcomed the opportunity to audit the environmental impact of our activities and we intend to continue to do so regularly in the coming years. At the same time, we want to use the data which we have obtained to implement further measures to reduce the environmental burden caused by our company.” ​“ 

For us, carbon neutrality, reduction of emissions and other aspects of sustainability are topics we discuss with candidates at job interviews and we are happy to welcome like-minded faces to our ranks​. After the obvious steps such as sorting of waste and LED lighting, this certification is yet another step towards a greener AEC.​