We present new cybersecurity training programme provided on the KnowBe4 platform
AEC Security Awareness
We present new cybersecurity training programme provided on the KnowBe4 platform

AEC, a leading cybersecurity provider, is offering an effective training programme for employees of enterprises and institutions. Recently, the company started to utilize tools featured by the U.S.-made KnowBe4 platform for the provision of its security awareness services. When using these new tools, AEC’s customers will be now ready to face cyberattacks with greater success, including scam e-mails or fraudulent phone calls.

Now, AEC’s customers can choose between two learning modes. The first one enables them to purchase the product in the form of providing a unique access to the tools on the U.S.-made KnowBe4 platform. Here, they may simulate hacker attacks themselves and subsequently, use the follow-up e-learning training as needed.

However, the majority of Czech companies do not possess the know-how required for such activities. A proper processing, targeting and evaluation of all steps requires lot of effort. For this reason, AEC offers also a second option, namely the opportunity to order security awareness as an all-embracing service with all procedures, including the utilization of unique tools, executed by AEC experts.

AEC Security Awareness 

Maroš Barabas, Head of Product Management in AEC pointed out: “For AEC, the partnership with KnowBe4, a company that is indisputably one of the top leaders in the field of security awareness worldwide, means a significant evolution of its services portfolio,” and he added: “Now, we can interconnect and automate the individual partial steps in all our tutorials and steer their strength in the right direction.”

KnowBe4 has one main advantage. And that is its ability to combine testing with learning in an interesting way. The environment where it functions allows to carry out examinations before and after the training. This way, it is clearly visible which users are improving over time and which still need some help, and specifically with what. The results are helping to modify the trainings better, both to accommodate the individual participants, as well as the specific needs of the given organization.

A training programme assembled in the form of a series of attractive steps is now available to AEC’s customers: incident analysis, trainings, clear infographics, instructive e-mails, as well as examinations and specific testing of the knowledge acquired focusing on the physical, e-mail and phone call attack methods. The goal is to change the habits of the users and to reinforce new patterns in their behaviour until the topic of cybersecurity becomes a natural part of the corporate culture.

“We do not impersonate an attacker who would misuse the attack; in fact, exactly the opposite. Even though this is a training for educational purposes, our progress would be as insidious and as merciless as the actions taken by any of the experienced hackers,” observed Maroš Barabas, adding: “Our previous experience shows that personal confrontation with an attack, albeit simulated, together with an intense personal encounter with the situation provide a long-term experience for the employees."

AEC Security Awareness 

Today, the overwhelming majority of all cyberattacks focus on the weakest link in corporate data protection, i.e. the human factor. Attackers use a variety of fraudulent methods, including the gathering of publicly available data and they do not hesitate to use it in order to pressure the user, confuse, and deceive him.

“A rising number of enterprises are becoming aware that the best way to secure their data from social engineering attacks does not mean building an expensive technological wall around it, but to educate their staff as well as they can. Our offer is an answer to the fact that education of employees in the form of a standard one-off training has proven to be ineffective,” concludes Maroš Barabas.

For more information please see https://socialing.cz/cs.

AEC organizes short free webinars on the issue of cyber attacks. The next one will take place on Tuesday February 16 from 10 am CET. Maroš Barabas and ethical hacker Martin Fojtík will introduce the most common attacks and their form to those interested within forty-five minutes and outline what a security awareness program focused on the risks of social engineering should look like. The next time will be put in Q&A. More information at: https://aec.cz/cz/security-awareness-webinar.