Cloud Security Assessment

​​​​​​​​Cloud Security Assessment

One of today‘s leading trends is the migration of corporate infrastructure to the cloud environment. However, the cloud environment brings new challenges and opportunities where existing tools and procedures are no longer effective.


Our story

One of today‘s leading trends is the migration of corporate infrastructure to the cloud environment. On-premises security has been well-near perfected at many companies in recent years. However, the cloud environment brings new challenges and opportunities where existing tools and procedures are no longer effective. Responsibility can be transferred to cloud platform operators in many ways, in accordance with a shared responsibility model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, On-prem). The configuration of cloud services, both native and third-party services, plays a key role. Misconfiguration can lead to the loss of corporate data and customer trust, which is where we come in, ready to help you with the secure configuration of your cloud environment.

Our solution

Cloud Security Assessment 

Cloud perimeter security 

An assessment of the security of cloud infrastructure exposed to the public internet in order to identify poten- tial threats and risks that allow hackers to infiltrate or extract corporate data and other sensitive information from your cloud environment.

Compliance tests according to security standards 

Verification of the current configuration status of your cloud environment against best practices based on the CIS benchmark or sets of security metrics developed by cloud service providers and the security community.

Configuration audit of selected services​

Comprehensive verification of the current configuration of selected cloud services against a number of „best-practice“ and security recommendations using automated tools and enumeration frameworks, as well as a large number of manual tests and individual con- figuration verifications to identify deficiencies and offer optimal solutions.
​To ensure the security of your cloud environment, we recommend regularly checking its configuration to ensure it complies with your business and other requirements. Cloud Security Assessment gives you the opportunity to remove unnecessary users, roles, groups and IAM policies, as well as ensuring your users and software only have the authorisation necessary to do their work.​​

Cloud perimeter security​

  • Identification of IP ranges of cloud infrastructure. 
  • Enumeration of running services and their versions.
  • Exploitation of detected vulnerabilities.
  • Real simulation of a hacking or cyberattack (black-box testing).
  • Identification of potential leaks of sensitive data and access.
  • Detection of vulnerabilities due to service misconfiguration.​

Compliance tests according to security standards

  • ​Determination of current configuration status.
  • Verification against CIS/PCI-DSS/HIPAA.
  • Evaluation of compliance or non-compliance with the selected benchmark.
  • Proposal of a solution for established findings.​

Configuration audit of selected services

  • ​You decide which cloud services will be tested in detail.
  • We proceed based on a number of best-practice recommendations beyond the usual compliance tests. We draw on a variety of sources (Azure/AWS documentation, the security community, in-house experience, etc.) to offer you the best solutions.
  • We offer a balanced manual and automated configuration audit by our specialists for selected native cloud services.​
In general, our Cloud Security Assessment includes a security audit of your cloud solu- tion in many areas, reveals various misconfigurations and provides you with a number of recommendations for maximum security, not just in the following areas:​
  • identity and access management, 
  • virtual private cloud, 
  • databases, 
  • network security groups 
  • advanced threat protection, 
  • encryption, including secure key and password storage, 
  • application security, 
  • storage security, 
  • patches and instance management, 
  • tracking and monitoring configuration changes, 
  • and many other areas of the cloud.​

Why pick AEC? 

  • ​We are one of the well-established Czech security companies and have been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. 
  • We listen to our clients and adapt our services to their needs and timeframes. 
  • Our team is made up of specialists with a great deal of experience in the areas of development and ethical hacking. 
  • We follow the latest trends in development, security and technology. 
  • When analysing source code, we put an emphasis on manual reviews as they reveal a greater number of bugs than conventional, automated solutions. 
  • We enable comprehensive security audits to be made by combining several security disciplines. 
  • We build our services on years of experience and time-tested standards.


We are more than happy to share our experience in projects for major organizations, just ask.

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