Mobile security

​​​​​​Mobile security

In the field of mobile technologies our specialists can offer you penetration tests of mobile applications, consultancy during its development, and subsequent analysis of the source code. At the same time, we can help you with the deployment or modification of the administration of the company's mobile devices, that means MDM technology and company policies (BYOD/CYOD).


We not only ensured the protection of the mobile devices but also the remote administration and supervision over their tracking supervision

One telecommunication company with a large network of external mobile coworkers needed to find a solution for the mobile devices protection. The main problem was a frequent leak of sensitive data from mobile devices in the field if they were stolen or lost. The company also wanted to make the external business network more effective. They selected us to help them to propose and deploy a suitable solution.

After the in-depth investigation, in some cases it was found that the attacks were aimed at a specific group of people who had access to the company's confidential statistical data. The solution proposing process was complicated because of the fact that the company provided a BYOD strategy for its employees. We proposed a solution that ensured not only the protection of sensitive company data but also the remote administration of individual mobile devices. This solution was also not limited to one operating system. The remote administration enabled the internal helpdesk team to effectively administrate the individual technology and react to possible risks, including erasing entire corporate data or personal data in the case of a device's loss or theft.

In order to evaluate the salespeople effectivity we used a GPS module and enabled the tracking of the devices. The company gained supervision over the salespeople. In the case of loss of the device this solution could find it. Due to the quality of the solution provided the company also chose AEC for ensuring support and minor development in this field.

The solution's description

Our specialized team has a wide range of experience in the mobile technology security category. Most of our experience is in the field of mobile applications security, whereas our daily job is to carry out penetration application tests for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. Throughout the years we developed our own testing methodology (based on OWASP) and created a number of our own tools. In this field we provide consulting (methodologies) for a secure development, the source codes analysis or secure proposal of the complete mobile solution.

Further, we offer services in the field of company mobile technology management, so called EMM ((Enterprise Mobile Management), where we most frequently implement MDM (Mobile Device Management), or we consult its setting. As far as secure mobile devices' administration is concerned, we create and implement the policies for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device).

Our services' benefits


In the past years, we built a specialized team of professionals who are devoted exclusively to the field of mobile technologies.


On a daily basis, our specialists solve various requirements in the field of mobile security. Most of the experience we have comes from the penetration tests of mobile applications, especially the critical business applications like mobile banking.


Due to our specialized team and our experience we can adopt or propose an ideal approach to solve the clients' requirements.

Reliability and promptness

We perform all jobs with precision and the results are provided by a set date. We manage to meet requirements with emphasis on the delivery date. Important findings of penetration tests can be be sent continuously and immediately after they have been found.


We have lots of experience with project implementation for important companies in their branches, e.g.:
  • KBC Group N.V.
  • Česká spořitelna, a.s.
  • Komerční banka a.s.
  • Raiffeisenbank a.s.
  • Česká pojišťovna, a.s.
  • T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
  • ČEZ, a.s.
  • Novartis AG
  • Sazka, a.s.

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