Security administrator outsourcing

​​​​​Security administrator outsourcing

Don't you have the sufficient capacity for solving security issues on your own? We offer you the services of our experts, who are fully devoted to security. Our experts can effectively fulfill tasks according to your individual needs.


We can help you for less, faster and with strong know-how

A financial institution could not get a quality expert for the ICT security administration position for a long time. As a result, they had the problem of ensuring a remedy of the insufficiencies found during the audit by the regulator. They also couldn't solve frequent incidents, so they had to contact a supplier of security services.

For our customer, we drew up a concept from an outsourced security administrator. We later won the tendering process. The selected activities were taken over by an IT Security consultant who used the support of the whole team of AEC specialists on individual areas of security.

In a month and a half, we revised the security status and we proposed appropriate measures so that the company would not have to invest in new solutions. In the following 2 months, we executed an analysis of the risks that the customer could face, we modified the security standards, and prepared the training materials for employees. The benefits were the decrease in costs and increase in the level of security, while ensuring the continuity and replaceability of the security administrator role at the same time.

The outsouring description

During the process of building of information security in the company you will certainly reach a stage that a security administrator will be necessary for ensuring professional activities in the field of ICT security. Security administrators must be aware of the valid legislation, standards, and methodologies related to security management and its ensuring. They have to educate themselves continuously, monitor current trends and threats, and be in continual contact not only with the subject area, but also with other fields of ICT. It is not easy to find and to keep employees who comply with all these requirements. So outsourcing the administration of security in the form of our service is an effective solution.

The outsourcing of the administration of security lies in entrusting defined activities to the hands of external specialists. Each project arises from the individual conditions and requirements of the company, so each one is unique to a significant extent. The goal is to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the company to the maximum. So the final “product“ would suit them the most, while optimally fulfilling the security requirements at the same time. As a result there is a file of outsourced activities in the security field that effectively help the company during its management.

Some of the major benefits of outsourcing the administration of security:

  • External specialists who are dedicated to defined issues always have more in-depth knowledge and experience than the company's own employees, who only deal with security issues marginally.
  • Maximum effective use of funds – the company does not have to cover all the costs of their own specialist, who would not necessarily be busy 100% of the time.
  • Complete independence of the external specialist on internal, interpersonal, and other relationships.
  • Adaptation of individual outsourced activities to the individual company's needs.


We have lots of experience with project implementation for important companies in their branches, e.g.:
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  • Internet Info
  • Home Credit International

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